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Goweb do not charge any fees or commission for seller and customer both

4 Easy steps to receive online orders through GoWeb

Step 1: Register and Create online shop

Register your shop free by email and mobile number.
Categorize your shop by updating shop profile.
Promote your shop in local region through Goweb.
Step 2: List your all products

Upload your all product online by arranging in list.
Easily update your product price, stock availability and more in real time.
Step 3: Receive orders and increase your online sale

Directly receive your orders from customer without using any 3rd party.
Increase your online sale through Goweb at free of cost.
Step 4: Deliver with ease and receive cash on delivery

Delivery your product with your comfort level and in comfort zone.
Receive your selling price from customer directly.
Goweb do not charge any fees or commission for seller.